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Supplier Excellence Award 2021

PENANG: SRM has received the Texas Instruments (TI) 2021 Supplier Excellence Award with dignity.

The annual award honors SRM’s dedication and commitment in supplying products and services that meet TI’s high standards for excellence.

Recipients are from 24 elite group of suppliers chosen for their exemplary performance in the six areas includes cost, environmental and social responsibility, technology, responsiveness, assurance of supply and quality.

As the one of the essential OEM supplier of IC Test Handler, SRM was emerged as the one of the world’ leading in supplying of the most latest semiconductor advanced high speed multi-function tape & reel systems. SRM high speed Test Handler is fully capable of performing test-handling, marking, vision inspection, sorting and taping for a wide array of SMD packages.

As one of the marketing strategy, SRM provide specifically customize IC Test Handler machine exclusively for each customer based on customers’ needs & request as well as merged with the know-how Research & Development (R&D) team for latest, advance, simplify and better machines.

Our partnership with TI affirmation over the years was further enhanced with the TI’s Supplier Excellence Award and we foresee a robust affiliation in our future collaboration.

SRM will hold this opportunity to amplify the bonds between TI & SRM to impart uppermost success together.

Over the past years, SRM strived to improve, producing advance, intelligent system and simplify the integrated IC test-handlers and at the same time formulating a successful business strategy in accordance with standard and internationalization that lead us to be a trustworthy partner in semi conductor industry locally and internationally.

About SRM

Superior Rotary Machine (SRM) Founded in 1996, one of the world’s leading suppliers and solutions providers of Semiconductors and advanced standard high speed multi-function tape & reel systems.

The aim of the business is to invent and built more advance Test Handler for the application of semiconductors industries.

SRM have approaching more than 200 employees locally including with globally.

SRM are now as one of the world leader for test and inspection handlers with a global reach of sales and support offices in the US, Europe, China, Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines and Thailand.

‘Creating value in everything we do’ and we strive for continuous researching & developing our products and expecting a better innovation of products and services.