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No matter if your looking for an internship, a starting point for your career path or a stable and secure job. SRM welcomes you with open arms.

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SRM Employee Benefits | Competitive Salary Package
Competitive Salary Package
SRM Employee Benefits | Group Insurance Coverage
Group Insurance Coverage
SRM Employee Benefits | Family Medical Claim
Family Medical Claim
SRM Employee Benefits | Medical Benefits
Medical Benefits
SRM Employee Benefits | Dental Benefits
Dental Benefits
SRM Employee Benefits | Contractual + Bonus Rewards
Contractual + Bonus Rewards
SRM Employee Benefits | Covered Parking Facilities
Covered Parking Facilities
SRM Employee Benefits | Toll Subsidy
Toll Subsidy
SRM Integration | World Leading IC Test Handler Suppliers

World Leading IC Test
Handler Suppliers

Established in June 1996, SRM believes in the vision of supplying fair value, affordable and reliable high speed IC test handlers. The past decade has been an exciting journey for every one at SRM with growth rates topping 20% each year. We are currently positioning ourselves as one of the leading IC test handler suppliers in the world.

Our Vision

  • Supplying fair value.
  • Affordable IC test handlers.
  • Reliable high speed IC test handlers.

Our Achievement

  • 20% growth rate each year since the past decade.
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