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Film Frame Input Handler

Versatile rotary concept which pick units from Film Frame for electrical test, vision inspection, audio or optical test. Output with options of Tape/Reel and Waffle Tray.

Handler Capabilities

Input: 8/12" Film Frame from cassete and Optional: Bowl Feeder, Waffle Tray, Detaper
Output: Tape & Reel with auto replace, Jedec Tray, Waffle Tray
Vision Systems: 2D, 3D, 5S, bottom pads, 6 sided, In-pocket. Micro-crack capable. Mono and colour camera.
No. of Test Site: Up to 16 sites
Test Force (selectable): 0.3kg - 3kg, Extraforce available up to 9kg. Real time test force display.
Applicable Packages: WLCSP, QFN, BGA
UPH: Up to 40k depends on package type
Hot Test option: Up to (+/- 150 °C)
Test Socket & Contactors : Kelvin Contact, Clamp Type, Flat Test (100 Ampere @ 1ms)
Handler-Tester Comm. : GPIB, TTL, RS232
Networking: SECS GEM, TCPIP
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