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Established in June 1996, SRM Integration is one of the world's leading suppliers and solutions providers of semiconductors and advanced standard hi-speed test handlers.

Our high speed integrated system is fully capable of performing test-handling, marking, vision inspection, sorting and taping for a wide array of SMD packages, namely SOT23, SOT89, SOT223, SC70, SOIC, MSOP, MLP/QFN and etc.

Our Vision

Supplying fair value.

Affordable IC test handlers.

Reliable high speed IC test handlers.

Our Achievement

growth rate each year since the past decade.


We strive to be recognised as a world-class partner and are proven to be the partner of choice for the IC semiconductor industry internationally. SRM believes in the vision of supplying fair value, affordable and reliable high speed IC test handlers. The past decade has been an exciting journey for every one at SRM with growth rates topping 20% each year.

Our trust in sharing has made us what we've become for the past 25 years. In line with our rapid expansion, SRM provides a rewarding career with unlimited opportunities to qualified individuals to be part of our excellent team. We are expanding manufacturing operation in Malaysia (HQ), sales and service offices in China, USA, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan(Agent) and Korea(Agent).

Corporate Vision
& Mission

“ To be the world’s leading manufacturer of semiconductor advanced high speed multifunction test handlers and to excel in providing high value services through continuous improvement in quality, technology and cost. Creating value in everything we do.”

  • Establishing a partnership with our customers.
  • Total customer satisfaction.
  • Technology breakthrough.
  • Continuous process and quality improvement.
  • Being optimistic and innovative.
  • Enhance conducive working environment.
  • To be top employer of choice.

Creating Value In Everything We Do