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Pick and Place Test Handler

SRM tray to tray test handler designed to perform the high throughput pick and place handling of IC components during the final test phase included Ambient and High temperature. (**Cold temperature coming soon)
The mechanical architecture is base on linear ball screw actuator, with controlled axis acceleration and speed, to guarantee fast and accurate handling.

Handler Capabilities

Input: 1 auto input tray, 1 auto input empty tray
Output: 1 auto output buffer tray, 1 auto output bin 1 tray, 2 auto reject tray & 3 manual reject tray
Vision Systems: 2D, 3D, 5S, bottom pads, 6 sided, In-pocket. Micro-crack capable. Colour and mono camera.
No. of Test Site: Single Site, Dual Site, Quad Site & Octal Site
Test Force (selectable): 240kg
Applicable Packages: QFP, QFN, BGA, PGA, LGA, TSOP & etc
UPH: Single Site: 1.5K, Dual Site: 3K, Quad Site: 6K & Octal Site: 12K
Handler-Tester Comm.: GPIB, TTL, RS232
Networking: SECS GEM
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